Monday, March 26, 2012

First Foods and Family Time

March has proven to be the most difficult month we have encountered for Rob's schedule. It seems like he is living at the hospital, coming home just in time to sleep for a few hours here and there! Most of the time I am solo parenting which can be challenging on "fussy baby" days but is nothing compared to the work Rob is putting in. Still, having been through medical school we know "this too shall pass" and it will be April before we know it. Annabelle and I have been taking advantage of this unbelievable weather and go for walks or a run almost every single day. What a huge blessing for me as otherwise Bella and I would be spending the majority of our time alone in the house. 

One of Rob's co-workers sent him home an hour early one day during the week after Daylight Saving Time. Because of the time change and him being off early we caught the last hour or so of sunlight. We had no plan in place but wanted to enjoy the sun so we ordered a pizza and headed to Lakewood Park which overlooks lake Erie. This park is just about a mile and a half from our house and has beautiful view of the lake and the Cleveland skyline. The lake was a pale blue and completely matched the sky. You have to look really closely at the picture to see the line of the lake, but it is there in the background.

I am never one to miss a photo-op so I made Rob take a few pictures of me and Annabelle. I realized I spend so much time taking photos that I don't have one with her since she was 6 weeks old.

We also asked someone to take a family photo (much to Rob's dismay!).

Rob had one of his scheduled days off on March 7th. He started the day off by trying to make an uncooperative Bella cuddle in the morning.

 She didn't like it very much...

 We had decided the next time Robbie had a day off we would feed Annabelle her first meal. We started with rice cereal.

Daddy and Annabelle getting ready for the first bite

First bite


Annabelle loves reading books as long as we don't hold her while we are reading them. We lay on the floor and she "turns" the pages. By that I mean she hits them all until we manage to grab one away from her. When we pull out a book - especially one of her favorites like the animal sounds book - she starts to wiggle her whole body and gets very excited. It is so, so cute!

One of Annabelle's favorite things now is bath time. She kicks the water as hard as she can and splashes everywhere. We end up getting soaked in the process but it's just too darn cute!

St. Patrick's day ended up being the day Robbie transitioned from working days to working nights so he was off during the day and went to work at 5 p.m. We dressed Annabelle in a lime green onesie and spent the day listening to Irish music and spending time together. We have one lone daffodil in our backyard that Bella loves to touch so after we finished a walk we took her to see it.

In honor of the day, I made some Irish soda bread. Rob and I were enjoying eating a slice of it when I looked over and saw Bella literally drooling while watching us eat. She can't wait to try her mommy's cooking!

Drooling over the soda bread

Rob's arm is covered - yuck!!
Here's to hoping we get to see each other more in April. We are surviving the month and enjoying each precious minute we get together!

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