Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Funny Valentine

Robbie and I typically don't celebrate Valentine's Day but with a baby girl we use any holiday as an excuse to take cute pictures. Annabelle had two Valentine's outfits so we took a few photos ahead of time in her first one:

We were also surprised  on February 13th by a knock on the door and a big bouquet of pink flowers from her uncle Seth. The card read "There is no way that on my niece's first Valentine's, she doesn't get flowers. I'm sure the little heartbreaker will get plenty in her lifetime! Love you, Annabelle! SWR". On Valentine's Day I took some pictures of Annabelle with her first flowers. Mostly she just wanted to eat them...

 Bella and I spent Valentine's Day (and the days before and after) delivering cookies to some friends in the area and on our street. It was so much fun having an excuse to visit and I love giving away baked goods - this may be come a yearly tradition for us!
Our Valentine's cookies

Christmas Visitors

It's a little sad how far behind I am on our blogs but I guess that happens when trying to keep up with a busy little (almost) 4 month old and a husband's crazy work schedule! Speaking of crazy work schedules, Rob somewhat got a bad line-up for the second half of the year with most of his demanding months falling in the late winter/springtime. Because of his schedule, we weren't able to leave Cleveland during the holidays but were so happy to have both our families come to us!

Christmas morning Rob and I took some pictures of Bella under our mini-tree in the Christmas outfit Rob picked out for her. She is the best Christmas present ever :)

Grammy Rozendaal started a new Christmas tradition of buying a Christmas dress for Annabelle. It was tough to get a good picture so this was taken a few weeks later but here it is!
Annabelle's Christmas dress
December 25th-31st the Rozendaal clan (including all 4 of us kids!!) convened in Cleveland and had a Christmas celebration. Annabelle spent most of the first few days crying since she wasn't used to all the noise and commotion. Rob and I got to take turns taking her upstairs to play and get away from it all. After the initial shock wore off she did really well and warmed up to all the attention. It was Uncle Mark (Jolie's husband) and Seth's first time meeting Annabelle.

Uncle Seth meets Annabelle

Seth, Annabelle, and Mark
Jolie, Annabelle, and Grammy cuddling on the couch
The aunts and uncles all left by the 29th and my parents stayed a few extra days to spend some time with their granddaughter. I didn't manage to get many pictures during the holidays but here are a few of my parents and Annabelle.
This is how grammy and I found them....

Annabelle is...
SO big!!
This cracks me up...already violent!
The following weekend, Rob's parents and brother went to the wedding of one of Ross's college soccer teammates that happened to be on the east side of Cleveland . Shelly and Max came along for the weekend as well. It's fun to see Max interact with his new cousin. He is very sweet and gentle with her and likes "holding her" although she is quite the big girl for him to be managing alone!
Max holding Bella
Shelly, Max and I had a movie night and watched Curious George (cute movie) while Robbie worked and everyone else was at the wedding. Annabelle wasn't too cooperative when Auntie Shelly wanted to hold her :(

Max made us laugh quite a few times with his antics. He loves his little cousin as long as she doesn't get between him and his Papa...When grandpa was holding her he made his wishes known by motioning that grandpa should put her in the swing. When Papa didn't get the hint, Max grabbed him by the hand and pulled him and Bella into the guest room where Max's pack and play was set up. Again, he motioned that Papa should put Bella in the pack and play and then went to close the door. Max was pretty insistent and we were all very amused to say the least. Good luck to Shelly and Moose when they decide to have a second!!

Max wasn't only defending his right to Papa against Annabelle, he wasn't too keen on Robbie getting in the way either. When Robbie went to hug his dad goodbye the morning they were leaving, Max made sure to wedge his way in-between. So funny and cute!

We had such a great time seeing our families and were glad Annabelle's first Christmas was a memorable one despite being confined to Cleveland. Can't wait for next year when she is up and moving around!!